?Why everybody should be a Muslim

Message to all descendants of Adam

The answer to the above question is very easy and logical. The most recent and famous religions are Judaism, which was specific for the tribe of Jews. Then came the Christian religion, which was also special for the Jews and was distorted by the clergy because all religions said that there is only one God, but Christians said that Jesus is son of God and this is one of the distortions, so it was logical that God will correct the religious deviation which occurred in Christianity, so God sent the last of Prophets Muhammad and gave him Quran, which is the Word of God, and God kept the Quran as it is without distortion, to be the eternal religion of all human beings, and everyone should be Muslems because Islam is the latest updated version of religions.

As an instance, a person who clings to a religion other than Islam is an irrational man, like someone who clings to an old version of Windows operating system and refuses to use the updated version where they are from the same source.

If you want to know the truth, read the Quran, it is the only book in the world that deserves to be read, the Word of God sent to all human beings.

Believe me, he will change your life and bring you happiness, serenity and true psychological comfort.

Then read the biography of the Prophet Muhammad from a reliable source that the faithful person is sincere and full of mercy, that the fame of the Prophet Muhammad and the Muslims love him is an indicator that the God also loves him as love his ancestor Ibrahim.

I wish everyone happiness and peace.

All humans are brothers and the brother must advise his brothers.

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