Go Publish YOUR research as a Book!

Author: Dr. Noora Al-Malki

Department of European Languages

Entry 39: To Seminar & Research Students in the Dept. of European Languages: Go Publish YOUR research as a Book!

You wrote a Seminar or research paper (or a number of papers) throughout your B.A. years in the Department, and you want to publish those papers online. You want to write YOUR own BOOK. Surprise! you can do that and have the official credit for that too. You can really become a book (or e-book) author if you want to. You can do that alone but you can work with a group of your instructors or friends in the Department to produce this book. Why write a book? You might ask yourself. Simply, because you can. You are an individual with great ideas, so why not share them with the world! Just imagine yourself a fresh graduate of King Abdulaziz University with a book in your résumé.  

Step 1: Create your book using a word document. Apply simple styles. Or you can use a ready-made template. Make sure that your book includes a title page, an introduction, an acknowledgment page, a content page. Divide your book into sections or chapters. Revise the book so it will be perfect. You can ask one of your instructors to revise it for you.

Step 2: Create an account on Create Space website which is a free publishing service from Amazon, the famous book retailer. And choose the type of book you want to create. They have different formats. Your book can be small (pocket size) or a larger version. The sizes are in inches.

Step 3: Create your book by uploading a pdf version of your Word document. Then use the cover wizard tool to create or upload your book cover. Then send it for publication.


You can watch this video for clarification of the steps and more tricks and tweaks.

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