Reading Books

Reduce your stress by reading a book
By;Naila Masud
Reading books isn’t just for knowledge about Science, Art and Culture but it’s a proven help to reduce stress.
Every year, we see book fairs around the globe, and likewise, there was the second book fair in Jeddah too. Many national and international publishing houses in Arab and GCC participated. They had hundreds of books on a huge variety of disciplines of life and of course, their directive was to spread the knowledge and booster the habit o reading.
According to the,, the organizers were expecting 70,000 visitors to this mega event. On the inauguration ceremony, the Jeddah Gov.Prince Mishaal bin Majid said “the consolidation of human communication through books is an ideal means to support civilizations and cultures in the world”.
I always try to visit this big event and I visited this year too. There isn’t any doubt that its an opportunity to know about the new arrivals in the market. What I observed that less number of young people were there, and I thought we are getting far on reading books. People have decreased interest in reading books, significantly those days. The point is, do we still need to read the printed books although they are online books too? Are we in a culture o reading?
Books and reading from the books is to say as there is no friend as loyal as a book.Yes, we still need to adopt or develop this habit of reading and particularly the printed pages books, however, there are millions of online books but the real fun is to have a real book in hand. There are many research studies on reading books which shows many benefits to the human health. One research shows that reading or reading a book keeps mentally stimulated and it can slow the slow or even prevent from Dementia, or Alzheimer, since the brain is active and is engaged in doing a kind o exercise. Reading also reduces stress, according to a new research. It is the best way to help and to calm nerves and other brain stimulation rather than listening to music, sitting and watching T.V,or going for a walk.
This is also important to know that the most famous and successful people in the world make time to read, study and try to learn far beyond their school years. In turn, they are always better thinkers, great leaders and innovators. It’s obvious that their favorite hobby is reading.
How to get books and what type of books shall one read?, is an interesting point. Some libraries have become sort of refuge, but to a common person, access them is very hard. There are many public libraries but hardly people spare time to visit them or borrow books from there. Those days usually, many of us can’t buy expensive books so we prefer to go online instead of bookshops or libraries. As for the authentic reading material, whether or not the content is valid, it is helpful to look to people who are good readers.There are lots of sites on the net sotes who offer cheap books or used books.It’s not hard to find there anything with best prices.

Searching books on line could be your best bet. There are many web sites offering you books with very low or reasonable prices. I you are unsure for what to read. It also depends on your own choices and your own favorite topics. You may like or a while to read comedies or romance from fiction but at times you may get tired of reading the same types o books over and over again. You may want to have books about nonfiction areas. Anyway, whatever books you select the important thing is reading a right book and finding them interesting to yourself.
It is of high importance to develop the culture of reading something from home by parents to their children. It is also important for us all to select the books according to the age and interest; also the parents can adopt ways by which their kids can become successful readers as the love of reading can begin at home.

By: Naila Masud

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